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Upcoming Events

March 22 - Brandon Brier

March 24- Senior Ladies

April 4 - Final Playoff night

April 5 - Open House

April 12 - Year End Banquet

May 14 - Semi-Annual meeting

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Welcome to Uxbridge Curling Club Online 2013-14

Open house April 5th

Ray Brauch and a handful of helpers stepped up and ran a fantastic Open House. We had over 30 come and try it out and many may return for the 2014 season! Great job Ray!

Year end Banquet!

Marg and Roger McKnight organized another amazing night of good food, good fun and a celebration of the season. Pictures of the winners can be seen in the April newsletter.

Al Hachey Volunteer of the Year Award

Syd Markham received this prestigious award this year for all his tireless work around the Club. Well done and very much deserved Syd!

Spiel Results

As per usual, our club has done a great job with the running of spiels this season.

Of special note:

Liz Smith has done the food for several of them as she has done over the years. Liz has decided to hang up her apron and is ready to help pass the torch and stirring spoon onto others. Many many participants remark on how good the food is and this is a great compliment to Liz and all her many helpers. Consider how you might help out in this important task next year!

Brandon Spiel

Bill Harwood's team put together two very strong games to come in first. More info and pictures to follow soon.


Steak Spiel

steak 2014


Andrew Kay's team from Tam Heather and Uxbridge beat out a tough team from Uxbridge skipped by Barry Acton. Nathan Lofgren made a return to the Uxbridge ice to help out Andrew's team. Andrew was also helped by Uxbridge's Stephan Tucker. Congratulations! Full results can be found here




Plum Pudding results

Ron Larking's rink from Tam Heather pulled out all the stops to win the Plum Pudding 2013 edition! A notable finish was put in by Rob Houston's team (who was also a 3 game winner).

T-bone results



Congratulations to Barry Acton's team (Howard Harper, Jim Markle and Jason Burnett) for putting together 3 strong games to take the overall title and claim a spot on the trophy! Full results can be viewed here




Ontario Tankard

This year the Ontario men's Tankard was held in Smiths Falls. This little town was very excited to host some of the best curlers in the world. Take a look at the clip and you will see Uxbridge's Rick Edwards mentioned.!

Men's Dominion competition for club champions

Rob Houston's TeamOn October 18-20, the team skipped by Rob Houston, Steve Gornik [vice], Ian Gowans [second], and Mike Swan [lead] represented our Club at the Oshawa Curling Club in the Mens Dominion competition for club champions. The team did amazingly well, especially considering they were competing against 13 other Clubs that sent their champions from a Team Entry league.  The team finished off the Whitby and then the Lakefield teams in just six ends before losing a game to Unionville's Jim Bell squad.  They returned on Sunday needing to win 3 straight games to advance to the provincial championships.  Those first two games were last rock affairs and the team pulled through against both the Oshawa and Haliburton teams.  These victories earned them a second chance to beat the Unionville team in the championship game.  The team curled their best on Sunday and took a 2-0 lead before losing a tight game.  Mike, Ian and Steve deserve high praise for how well they curled in their first OCA competition outside the Club.  Most especially, kudos should be given to Mike (a third year curler) who was competing in his very first bonspiel! The team played great, had a great time and represented the Club very well. Update : Jim Bells' team lost in the semi-finals to the eventual winner who will represent our region at the Provincial's in Thunder Bay.

Women's Dominion

On the Women’s side, Sue McKnight (representing Port Perry) had a strong showing winning her first two games with wins to qualify for Sunday’s playoffs. In her semi-final game, against Julie O’Neill from Lindsay, the team gave up three in the seventh end but would score their single in the eighth to tie the score and force the extra. In the extra frame, McKnight was set up well for the steal, but a fortuitous redirected stone from O’Niell’s first shot removed the McKnight counter changing the team’s prospects as O’Neill would take her single and win the game. Joining Susan on the team, was Marg McKnight, Jennifer McKnight and Rene Cox.

Little Rocks

child curling

Rob Houston has started up the Little Rock and Bantam program at the Club for this year. If you know of kids who would like to give it a try, tell their parents to get in touch with Rob. As noted above, Rob can work wonders with people.

Need a little help with your game?


Check out these instructional videos from the Lethbridge club.





Club Info Book and Membership

Interested to know more about how our club works or need a refresher? Take a look at our Uxbridge Curling Club Information Booklet

Membership Info: Here is a link to our membership form 2013-2014 season

Compete or Volunteer?

Our club offers several bonspiels to compete in. Some are just club events (which are a TON of fun and a great chance to meet other club curlers) and others that are more competitive. We offer men's, women's and mixed events. If you haven't tried out a bonspiel, why not give one a try this season. Just ask around at the club about what might be right for you. Once you've tried one, you will be hooked!

Volunteers... we need you! Our club prides itself on our hospitality and exceptionally well run events. In order to make them happen though, we need help. If you have a few hours to spare, or are willing to help organize an event, please let us know. We never turn away folks who want to help!

When do I play?

As in years past, schedules and other pertinent member information will be found in the member's area located under the "Leagues" tab at the top. The password to this area will be communicated to you soon via our newsletter.

What's new?

Our club is now barrier free! The wheel chair lift is in and ready to help anyone with a wheelchair. Thanks to the Board for all the work that went into getting this very important piece of equipment.

Curling Equipment

This year curling equipment will once again be available in the club through Last Rock Curling Company ( ). The service is exceptionally quick!